2021  Cavallino Award Winner

1st in Class

Wayne Obrey Award for Outstanding Restoration

1967 Ferrari 275GTB4

2020 Cavallino Award Winner

1st in Class

1962 Ferrari 250 Cabriolet Series II


With over 35 years of business, Francorchamps of America, Inc. (F.A.I.) quickly became one of the premiere facilities for restoration, repair, and service; in both, the United States and Internationally.  Known for our attention to every detail and unwillingness to accept anything less than “correct” for a car’s release, F.A.I. has been awarded numerous recognitions and has been invited to participate in events, from Pebble Beach Concourse d’ Elegance to Ferrari’s historic 275 tour through Italy.

F.A.I’s desire to always strive for the highest level of restoration & innovation, drove us to create Scuderia Rare Parts and Ferrari Electronics as a resource to re-create the un-source able, and often obsolete vintage parts & electronics.