Daytona Hood Shocks





Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB4 Hood Shocks.  Reproduction of original front hood shocks with correct pressure for secure hold.  These units are rebuildable and pressure can be custom adjusted.  Sold in pairs. 

$1,000 US/pair



Steering Hubs






Steering Hubs for Ferrari Daytona and 275This steering hub has been the correct bolt pattern for both the Ferrari Daytona and Ferrari 275 models. It allows for more driver space while maintaing the cars operational integrity.

​Professional Installation recommended.

$500 US/each



Ferrari Daytona Suspension Drop Links






Connecting links to the sway bar suspension for a Ferrari Daytona.

Factory correct replacement part, based on OEM specifications



Custom Parts Manufacturing

SRP has the ability to create custom parts, or modifications to your exacting specifications.

Please CONTACT US directly to discuss your needs, scheduling and pricing.