Here at F.A.I., we specialize in Vintage Restorations. With over 30 years of restoration experience, we know, no two cars are alike. With our careful attention to unique details, we really focus on the true craftsmanship that was put into the car when it was originally created. We are truly a one- stop shop for all your restoration needs.

With our parent company, Scuderia Rare Parts, we are able to re-create parts for your restoration that no longer exist. We have successfully recreated a Ferrari 410 Superamerica, intake manifold for a restoration.

F.A.I takes great pride in our ability to provide these services for our restorations. With the amount of time and dedication that goes into each car, you can rest assure that you will be leaving your Ferrari in the best of hands. Whether you are getting your restoration “platinum” judging ready or ” I want to get in the car and drive it around town”, we are the shop for you. Here is just a one of our many restorations.