Electronic Dash Cluster Repairs & Lift Motors

We can repair almost anything in the units – Worn out, missing or non-functioning components replaced with new or rebuilt components.

The functional equivalent of a new part – virtually indistinguishable from the original.


Lift Motors

Enzo, F50, & 5C12 Maserati

• Rebuilds
• Replacements
• Circuit Boards

Electronic Dash Cluster Repairs

F50, 360, 430, 599, 612, & California

• Back light repairs
• Replacement Faces
• Reprogramming Euro to USA
• Recalibrate from KM to Miles
• Repair dead central display
• Repair dash circuitry for un-clearable codes
• Replace broken needles
• Dash resets due to failures from electrical spikes that scramble mileage and other data readings